My wild card would definitely have to be

It’s a site that my children actually introduced to me. It’s a social news and sort of giant RSS feed website.

Users share their opinions about anything that becomes popular.

The comments get ratings and the best ones can be viewed first, ect.

It could be used in the library as a good source for staying connected with anything that is going on in the world.  It’s a great way to get educated in a way for some people.


Web 2.0 will stay around for a very long time, I believe with such an amazing tool, it would be nearly impossible to get rid of it. As soon as the people get a taste of it, there is no stopping it.

We stay connected with the world easier, and we are united through the internet with people with alike interests and opinions.

Libraries could use this to connect with the world. Seeing as the internet is now seen as the new generations “library” and current information system. If we continue the Library 2.0, the world’s diminishing view of libraries would no longer exist.


This one was actually more fun, since we can use it in our everyday work and we usually get more and more questions from patrons about it.  There are new events in the orinda library including “Toddler Lapsit” and peek-a-boo.

Story time this month which is really popular.

I had some problems when I was uploading and I recieved an error message.

An  excellent Ning Group to join if you are interested in foreign movies.

It’s just starting up so it is not the best, but it certainly is a great idea.

The libraries would benefit from such a group seeing as it would produce a larger group of foreign film lovers, to borrow more foreign films from our libraries.

Podcasts are quite useful when an individual has a busy schedule. They are also a fancy way of saying audio files.

There is a large variety of subjects that podcasts go into.

For example some teach you how to cook certain dishes. Some others can teach you how to speak a foreign language. Podcasts are efficient.

Youtube is also a great social video network. Too bad the people commenting on the videosare extremely uninformed of the world around them.

Oh yes, we do have our own podcasts. Our storytime podcasts are great for children.

I thought this was a very easy assignment.

Google documents will definitely make it easier for our patrons to recieve documents on their own.

I also believe that it will be very helpful in the future when documents need to be sent out to everyone, instead of using an global email.

Libraries are the ultimate resources and means of communication and education.

With the MeeboMe Widget, we are able to communicate with people even if they are not always available.

Through being anonymous, an individual may provide excellent service and may be a good source of information to someone that wishes to remain anonymous.

I just uploaded some of my daughter’s old photographs to Flickr.

Check them out!

The blood of flowers.

Hi this is really interesting to be able to do everything in farsi.

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